Your Door To The World

We have taken the time to build a truly international real estate practice. Whether you are looking to purchase a home abroad or need help marketing your property to the world, we have the expertise, experience, and network to make it happen.

Langley team offers you:


Buying Abroad

It doesn't mater if you are planning to move abroad, buy an investment property, or a vacation property, each location you purchase in has it's own unique set of challenges, customs, and laws to contend with. We have built a knowledge base and network of professionals to help you navigate the complexities.


Market Your Properties Globally

Real estate has become increasingly global. Buyers are no longer confined by borders. If you want the maximum exposure when selling your properties, you need a professional with a global reach. Use our network, tools, and experience to put your property in front of millions of consumers and real estate professionals.

Building a World Class Team

It takes a team of professionals around the globe to deliver a high level of service in international real estate.




We have built a list of professionals around the globe to be the boots on the ground when working with our international clientele. When ever we have a client looking to go into a new area, we take the time to find and vet potential partners to make sure each partner has the experience, knowledge, and professionalism to get the job done.




Every single location is different. Often, there is not even a centralized database to search for or market properties. We are constantly updating and expanding our tools and resources to ensure we are appropriately equipped to support our clients needs to the highest level.




Understanding the different cultures, the regional home-buying and selling process, the laws, local financing, and the market is a constantly evolving process. We take our research seriously so that we can help our clients make an informed decision when purchasing properties abroad.